Rochelle Vallese

From a very early age, Rochelle developed a lifelong passion for performing and studied dance under the guidance of Dance Masters of America. After many award winning performances, Rochelle stepped off the stage and branched out to study Communications. In Los Angeles, she entered into the study of film acting, and returned to the stage and screen as an actor.


With a new knowledge of merging the creative artist and business of entertainment,  Rochelle stepped into the role of producer to form her own production company King Kai Productions,


King Kai Productions produced and successfully obtained worldwide distribution of their first sci-fi thriller LOST TIME. Rochelle had a hand in every aspect of the films production including actor and even writing two of the vocal tracks for the movie. Rochelle was honored with the Grace Kelly Best Actor award at the West Coast Film Festival for her role in the film. LOST TIME was also selected to be the opening film at the London Sci-Fi film festival.


 King Kai has optioned the rights for the documentary based on the book entitled “The Forgotten Promise” based on true events which occur from 1958 until present day of one woman's interactions with Galactic Beings and her journey to go beyond fear to find meaning and purpose of those encounters.


Rochelle and King Kai Productions believes in empowering the audience with daring choices, authentic storytelling, along with delivering performances which reflect self discoveries.


 Inspirational messages from Rochelle

"To obtain freedom to create and accelerate, breathe in your power, exhale your grievances for there is nothing to fear except the boundaries you disseminate.These boundaries we create stem from a belief system that we have adopted.  Have an open mind and be receptive.  Turn the channel to listen and move to a new tune.  This new frequency can expand thoughts and lead you to find what you can accomplish is limitless.  There are no idle thoughts and the physical world is created by our thoughts.  To accelerate, let go of past experiences that are controlling your life right now.  Our experiences both positive and negative lead to our progression and expand our awareness entirely.  Surrendering any anger makes room to invite new positive energy that can propel you forward.  We may not always feel that way in the moment of adversity but your health, true happiness, and inner peace depend on your willingness to address those uncomfortable places within you. If we continue to widen our perspective, let go and trust the process of our positive intentions and not give away our power to adverse situations, we grow and awaken as a people who live a more peaceful, rich life. This practice will in turn reflect in our day to day encounters.  The outside picture may not always change but happiness and peace do not come from the idols of the world.  Your peaceful place is your truth and your power.  Practice using your energy wisely and with encouraging, like-minded people.  You will see it is an exercise that will help enhance you throughout the good and challenging times your journey brings.  It is like the peeling of an onion, it doesn’t appear to have changed but one day you are able to achieve getting to that peaceful place sooner in those challenging times. In that peaceful place you are able to hear the voice of inspiration.  Inspiration comes to a quiet mind.  Invoking a quiet mind even for just five minutes a day can bring you years and even a lifetime of wisdom. You have a role to play and trust you are always playing it perfectly at every moment."


~Rochelle Vallese~